Making Bad Decisions in Good Company


We are a new bar in the Ridgewood area. We have easy-drinking cocktails, cold beer, and a cozy library to relax in. 


Who We Are

Sonja is a Mid-Western transplant who is happy to call New York City home. She is a libra who likes long walks on the beach and piña coladas at midnight. Opening a bar has been a longtime goal finally realized, and she couldn't be happier to share this labor of love with the neighborhood. 


Rina hails from the far northern reaches of New York State.  She has been tending bar for ten years in NYC.  To celebrate her twelfth year in the City, Rina is excited to be opening her first bar where she can serve up superb drinks, gourmet low-fi delectables, and stirring conversation. 

Contact Us

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Please click below to go to our contact page!  We welcome your feedback to our ideas and your thoughts about possible events, both through email here and through our facebook page, which you can link to below.  We look forward to meeting all our new neighbors!


A Beautiful Setting

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