It's simple, really.

Build the bar you want to hang out at, and share it with your neighbors.  The Bad Old Days is an extension of your living room, perhaps with a wider beer selection.  Come with a group and take over one of the window benches, come alone and meet your downstairs neighbors at the bar over a cocktail.  Wind down with a board game and coworkers at happy hour ('til 8pm every weekday) or celebrate a birthday on the weekend!  We're your neighborhood bar, and we can't wait to find out how your week is going.

We welcome events, if you want to host your book club, poetry reading, or amateur lecture with us, please drop us a line and let us know!  We have biweekly game nights, and weekly Tuesday Trivia nights,  so please keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram for updates!

Thanks for all your great feedback, and keep it coming.  We're here for you.